Medan Sunggal, Indonesia Gospel Campaign

Thousands of people attended the Jesus festival in Medan Sunggal. There were reports of many salvations, physical healings and deliverances from demonic spirits. We handed out over 2000 pieces of follow up material. The closing night was a wild one. Just before I was about to go up on stage to preach, a young man manifested demons in the center of the crowd. That created a big commotion.

I was told that he was later delivered. As I was preaching, another young lady was also manifesting at the back of the field. After I was done and gotten off the stage, a pastor ran up to me and told me that she has been asking to meet me all night. I did not want to start another commotion on the field so I went off to the side of the field. As I was standing there, I turn around and saw the young lady running towards me and manifesting at the same time. It was quiet a scene I tell you. She was being tormented and desperately wanted to be free. She kept on repeating the words ‘Widya (her name) is evil, Widya is going to die.’ After prayer, Widya got completely delivered, got saved and got filled with the holy spirit! Hallelujah!!! And that is how the festival concluded. More photos from the festival at the bottom.

During the mornings, we had a believer’s seminar that was attended by pastors and leaders from many denominations. We challenged them to continue to preach the good news and reach out into their communities. The seminar was well attended and there was a good response from the pastors.

The festival an seminar was a huge success but we had a rocky start to say the least. Due to heavy tropical rains and technical difficulties with the sound and generator, we had to shut down the first night of the festival. It was very disappointing. This has never happened to us before. After some negotiations with local police and the sound system owners, we managed to add an extra day so at the end we did have our three nights. Another good news is that during those three nights, there wasn’t one drop of rain. The heavy rains came back the day after the festival was done. Praise the Lord. That was a major breakthrough.