Agapetos house fellowship is our evangelism and discipleship ministry that is training and equipping believers in our Indonesian hometown. Agapetos is a Greek word meaning beloved. We have been conducting prayer and Bible study meetings since January 2015. As we are continuing to gather weekly, people are being saved, delivered and coming to a new and renewed relationship with the Lord.



Agapetos House Fellowship Ministry Update 2020

Hello from Indonesia! I hope and pray that you and your loved ones remain healthy and well taken care of. All of us here are doing good. Our small town in the mountains of North Sumatra is doing much better compared to the rest of the country. We currently have just over a hundred total confirmed cases. Yet we still limit our travels outside our region since the pandemic is still raging in the densely populated bigger cities not too far from where we are. We thank God for His protection during this unprecedented time we are living in and ministering in.


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House Fellowship Christmas Outreach & Borneo Mission Trip

New years greetings from Indonesia! We had a wonderful trip to the central part of Indonesian Borneo. It was the location of our Jesus festival back in 2015. This time we were invited to minister in a Christmas outreach service. It all started as one of the pastors there was dining in a restaurant and while there she met a woman who had received a miracle during the Jesus festival back in 2015. As a result we were invited to do this Christmas outreach service. We had a great time ministering the word of God and praying for the sick.


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Miracles In House Fellowship

During the last week in December, we got a chance to visit quiet a few less privileged families to pray and share the gospel with them. We also blessed 19 families with Christmas food packages consisting of rice, cooking oil, sugar and local holiday treats. One of those people we visited was Rani. As our team ministered, she opened her heart to believe in Jesus. A few days later she was sitting in the front row during our Christmas celebration service and later came forward to publicly declared her faith in Christ. Praise the Lord! In the closing days of 2017, we purchased our first ministry minibus which came just in time to transport families to and from our Christmas service. What a way to close out the year!

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