There are still many tribes and ethnic groups in Asia that have not yet heard the gospel. They usually live in hard to reach secluded regions. GGNI has partnered with local Churches and missionaries to reach out to these groups like the Kubu tribe and the Laut tribe of Indonesia. We have plans to reach out to more tribes in Indonesia and Asia in general.


Praise Reports


Khmer People of Cambodia

God laid it on my in 2007 to start a work in Cambodia. During the same year, the door was opened for me to go and meet new friends and key people through repeated visits. The majority of the people in Cambodia claim Buddhism as their religion but they are very open to the gospel and Christianity is growing rapidly.

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Kubu Tribe of Indonesia

In the jungles of Jambi, Sumatra lives a peculiar tribe known as the Kubu people. They are hunters and gatherers and they do not claim any of the five official religions of Indonesia. There are only 13,000 of them. As soon as I heard about this tribe I felt a tug in my heart to go and share the gospel with them.

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Laut Tribe of Indonesia

While traveling and preaching in churches on Riau Islands in Indonesia, my friend Pak Elia told me about a certain least reached tribe called Laut (sea) tribe. A few months later we went on a special trip to seek out this tribe in the islands. After a short flight, I met up with Pak Elia and team and we had to change a few boats before we could get to a secluded island where the sea people lived.

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