There are still many tribes and ethnic groups in Asia with inadequate gospel representation. They sometimes live in hard to reach secluded regions. We have in the past partnered with local Churches and missionaries to reach out with love to tribes like the Sea People and the Jungle Babies of Indonesia. Below are a few reports on those mission expeditions.


“An unreached or least-reached people is a people group among which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize this people group without outside assistance.”


Khmer People of Cambodia

God spoke to my heart in 2007 to do ministry in Cambodia. As I continued to pray about it, during that same year, the Lord opened a door for me to go for a short mission trip. I ended up making several more trips. Cambodia has a totally different feel than Indonesia. It is a small nation compared to most other Asian countries with only about 16.5 million people and only a small minority of about 2-3% are professing Christians. 

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Anak Dalam (Jungle Babies) of Indonesia

Deep in the jungles of Jambi located on Sumatra Island, Indonesia live a peculiar tribe known as Anak Dalam translated jungle babies. They are hunters and gatherers and they do not claim any of the five official religions of Indonesia. There is about 13,000 of them. As soon as I heard about this tribe I felt a tug in my heart to go and find out more about them.

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Suku Laut (Sea People) of Indonesia

While traveling and preaching in churches on Riau Islands in Indonesia, my friend Pak Elia told me about a certain least reached tribe called Suku Laut translated as sea people. A few months later we went on a special trip to seek out this tribe in the islands. After a short flight, I met up with Pak Elia and team and we had to change a few boats before we could get to a secluded island where the sea people live.

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