Sibolga, Indonesia Gospel Campaign

The Jesus festival in Sibolga, Indonesia had a big impact in the city and the local Churches. Many souls were ushered into the Kingdom of God. There were so many miracle stories from the four nights of the festival that it would not be enough to list them all in this report. Here are a few highlights from the week of the festival.

The first night was amazing! The mayor of Sibolga attended the festival to open the ceremonies. He gave a great speech encouraging the people to look to God for a miracle. Then he welcomed us by doing a traditional dance and the giving of gifts. What an honor it was to be on that stage. Our friend from Finland Tom Lipkin also joined us for the week preaching in the festival and seminar. Thousands showed up to the field the first night. Esther and I spoke on the theme of the festival which is from Mark 10:27 “With man this is impossible, but with God; all things are possible with God.” Then miracles started to happen. Many deaf ears were opened. As people were giving testimonies from stage, many more miracles started to take place on the field. The faith level was electrifying. A woman suddenly walked up on stage with arms listed up and shaking all over. She has not been able to walk for two months. Another women who had cataract in both eyes testified that she can see clearly without her glasses. The first night concluded with multitudes on the field giving their lives to Jesus. It was a convincing demonstration of God’s love and grace that started to draw people to Jesus.

The next three nights followed the same pattern. Despite the rain, thousands gathered to hear the word of God and receive salvation and miracles from Jesus. Normally if it rains here, no body with show up for anything. But it was different in Sibolga. The level of spiritual hunger the people of Sibolga displayed was rare. Tom spoke during the second night and many more wanted Jesus to be their Savior. Many more miracles followed. A young boy was healed from kidney disease as the pain left his body, a woman testified that God has healed her from cancer and a man started to run on the stage testifying that he can walk without pain. It was another glorious night.

The same story repeated itself in the third and the fourth night. Esther and I were sharing about The Creator God who has revealed Himself through Jesus who is God in the flesh. As we proclaimed about God’s perfect sacrifice that ended all scarifies, the people started to understand what the good news is all about. Many opened their hearts to receive Jesus that night. Jesus came and confirmed His gospel with more miracles. A woman who has had a heart condition was healed. She has gone to see doctors overseas without any results but she noticed that her heart beat became normal again that night. A lady testified from stage that Jesus healed her blurry vision and her hearing also has improved. Another girl deaf in both ears for two years can hear again. Two women who suffered strokes were healed. One could speak again and the other can lift up her hand again.

The fourth and final night was almost a disaster. When the meeting started there were only about a hundred people huddled under their umbrellas. But by the end of the night thousands were there listening to the good news and believing for miracles. And Jesus did not disappoint them. Many more miracles happen again. The most notable miracle by far was about a mother and her son who were both healed on different nights. The mother was healed in her arm from an accident injury on the first night. Then she brought her son with her and he also got healed from a lung condition. During the final night she came back with the doctor’s report to testify about her son’s miracles. The doctors cannot find any problems with his lungs anymore. Many people were in tears listening to this single mother testify about what Jesus did for her and her son. When the people on the field saw the x-ray results in our hands, they erupted in spontaneous praise to Jesus. What a great conclusion to the four nights!

About two thousand pieces of follow up materials were distributed during the festival. The festival was also broadcasted live on the radio to hundreds of thousands of homes. Two newspapers also picked up the story during that week. The deputy mayor and his family which includes the former mayor of Sibolga also attended the festival. Pastors and believers were trained during the seminar that was held for three mornings. The seminar ended with an encounter with God as people were touched by the Holy Spirit. It was glorious.

Glory and honor and praise be to Jesus for all the great things that happened in Sibolga. Pray for the local churches that are currently following up on every person who was saved and healed during the festival.

We are so grateful for our partners who supported this festival in their prayers and giving. Thank you so much for impacting precious lives in Sibolga, Indonesia.