Miracles In House Fellowship

During the last week in December, we got a chance to visit quiet a few less privileged families to pray and share the gospel with them. We also blessed 19 families with Christmas food packages consisting of rice, cooking oil, sugar and local holiday treats. One of those people we visited was Rani. As our team ministered, she opened her heart to believe in Jesus. A few days later she was sitting in the front row during our Christmas celebration service and later came forward to publicly declared her faith in Christ. Praise the Lord! In the closing days of 2017, we purchased our first ministry minibus which came just in time to transport families to and from our Christmas service. What a way to close out the year!


During the following week in January, we took our team for a refreshing time at the hot springs and a one day retreat at a local camping ground. Our town is in between two volcano mountains. Mount Sinabung is located about 20 kilometers from our town has been very active this past month. It has been spewing lava and ash almost on a daily basis. A few of the families who attends our house fellowship live a mere 3 kilometers from the active volcano. On February 19th, we had a huge eruption that blocked out the sun and rained thick ash on their village. Thankfully everyone there is safe. A few days after the eruption, we went to visit the families there. We passed by a neighboring village that was at one point cut off because of mudslides caused my the eruption. Big rocks and mud coming down the mountain had wiped out people’s farms, houses and knocked out the only bridge to the village. Thank God no one was hurt. Please keep this situation in your prayers.



In February, we had a special valentine’s day dinner service for couples in our house group. That was a very special night filled with many activities like games, dancing and of coarse a candle lit dinner. This was a special treat for Esther and I since we had our marriage reception in the same hotel eight years ago. It was even the same restaurant manager who organized this event for us. What a blessing that was!


One of the couples who attended the valentine’s day dinner were the Gintings. Mrs Ginting has been having kidney problems for months. The doctors have said that one of her kidneys has shrunk and the other one was full of kidney stones. She was in agony as she went from doctor to doctor and was even admitted in the hospital for several days. We were invited to pray for her in her village. As we prayed, the Holy Spirit came on so strong on her that we had to hold her up so she could stand up. She later said that she saw a bright light coming to her. When she woke up from sleep the next morning, she was totally set free from the pain. The doctors confirmed that her shrunken kidney has become normal size again. Since then she has been boldly testifying about her miracle in her village and even driving people from her village to our house group so they can receive a miracle as well. Praise the wonderful Name of Jesus!


Another praise report I have for you is that we were able to extend the rent for our ministry house for another year. Thank you to our friends and partners who made this possible. We have this place until the end of December 2018.


Well, it’s been a blessing writing this update to you. Hope it was a blessing to you as well. If you have any prayers needs, please let us know by simply replying to this email. We can bring your prayer request during our weekly prayer meetings.


On behalf of everyone here, we want to say a big thank you and God bless you.